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"Studies have shown that compared with patients who do not use these devices, neck pillows can reduce the time of neck pain during sleep by nearly 40%." 

                                                                                                  - Harvard Medical School

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Tortured by neck pain all night long? Our Mintal Cervical Pillow is designed for more supportive, breathable, and cool comfort throughout.

  • 5ERGONOMIC DESIGN - MINTAL collects 10,000 physiological curvatures of healthy humans and designs the most ergonomic pillow height, which is 4 inches and lengthens the width of the pillow to 25 inches, allowing you to turn over at will without being bothered by Neck Stiffness.
  • PRESSURE RELIEF - U-shaped design perfectly supports and aligns your head, neck, shoulder, and back. Bringing a reduction of stress in the cervical vertebra and spine. Improving sleep and relieving neck and shoulder pain, discomfort rejuvenating your body.
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE - Mintal pillow is made of High-quality Memory Foam Filling and Cooling Gel Particles which are extracted from deepsea plants. It can absorb heat and moisture perfectly. Double Airflow Aerated memory foam promotes air transfer by allowing air to flow freely in and out – A ventilated design that optimizes air circulation for prime airflow and temperature control.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC AND DUST MITE RESISTANCE - The pillowcase is made of 100% cotton. The breathable surface allows air to circulate and keeps your pillow cool while you sleep. It is dust-proof and mite-proof, detachable, zippered, and machine washable, so you can always keep it clean and smell fresh.
  • LONGER LIFESPAN - Most pillows need replacing every 1 to 2 years. By investing in a Mintal memory foam pillow, you can extend its lifespan up to 5 years.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the lifespan of the Mintal Pillow?
Most pillows need replacing every 1 to 2 years. By investing in a Mintal memory foam pillow and adding a zipped pillow protector, you can extend its lifespan up to 5 years.
Is this pillow hypoallergenic?
Mintal Pillow is designed with our exclusive designer cooling gel, which is more hypoallergenic. The best way to reduce allergen buildup in your pillow is to use a pillow protector nightly.
Are there any pillowcases included?
The short answer is YES! The Mintal Pillow is shipped to you with an elegant anti-microbial cotton cover. In order to maximize the anti-wrinkle properties of back and side sleeping, we recommend a soft pillowcase, like very high thread-per-inch cotton, satin, or silk.
How do I clean the pillow?
To get the maximum use from your investment, be sure the cotton cover is installed while the pillow is in use. Machine wash the cover in cold water and let it air dry. The memory foam should only be spot washed with a small amount of soap and warm water. Allow the foam core to dry before re-installing the cover.
How long does the shipping take?
It depends on your location, Standard Shipping takes less than 20 days. All customers will receive tracking information via email as soon as their order has shipped.
Here's Why Customers Love Mintal Pillow!
  • Users are very satisfied
    Andrew - Syracuse, NY
    My neck feels much better!
    I love this pillow! I have a 72-year-old neck that was causing me quite a bit of pain. I’ve seen doctors, been to PT, taken krill pills, but I still had pain. Got this pillow and feel much better. I’m a back/neck sleeper, and this baby cradles my head just right. It is soft enough so I don’t wake up with a sore ear, but firm enough to provide support. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.
  • Users are very satisfied
    Judy - Saint Paul, MN
     Must Have Pillow! Best gift!
     Omg, this is 100% worth the money. I bought it for my husband. He was injured at work a few years ago and has suffered from neck pain ever since. I found this pillow for him. Done receiving this pillow he has had perfect sleep on it.  This pillow is a must-have for anyone with neck or upper pain!
  • Users are very satisfied
    Linda - Villas, NJ
     Great pillow for neck support!
     This pillow is nice and firm and has great support for your head/neck.  Plus is that the pillow cover is removable/washable. Overall great!